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Murder chose Trina at age fifteen when her mother’s boyfriend attempted to rape her. After serving time in prison, Trina is adopted by a retired FBI agent who trains her to become one of the deadliest. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Darrell J. DeBrew is a North Carolina native. DeBrew s Trina: The Hydro Killer - Kindle edition by Darrell Debrew.

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Nothing sad about it. It was a great ride and enjoyed every turn. The fact that it didn't make the light of day was out of our control- it was a biz play that didn't materialize.

Doesn't degrade what we designed, learned or most importantly the people we met along the way. I'd do it again tomorrow As a matter of fact, we have. Details later. The worst was when they smashed open one of our hand made prototypes at a gaming convention Add to Cart. Quick view.

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From the Order The Ultimate Betrayal by Phoenix at shopsnx. AMINA isn't on top of the world but she is enjoying life.

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But things get better when After serving time in prison, Trina is adopted by a retired FBI agent who trains her to become one of the Customers Also Viewed. Controversy erupts as War Machine picks a target on U. Jessica tells Nelson her divorce from Harry was amicable and Clara plays down Harry's efforts to evict her. Butch makes light of his battles with Harry and sons Sean and Dale claim Harry never came to the fair.

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Sean's affair with Beth becomes apparent as he asks her to back him up. Butch and Dale narrowly escape death when an armed assassin is distracted at the crucial moment at the Wall of Death.

Jessica's story is questioned when it's revealed the Wyham's had a restraining order put on her. Kam reveals that Harry was killed by ketamine and finds paint proving he visited the fair. A search of the fair recovers the gun and Sean is arrested. Jasper confronts Butch over Beth. Sean admits to fighting Harry but denies murder. Butch warns Clara off after she sees a romantic moment between Butch and Geri.

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