The Secret Life of Wombats

The Secret Life Of Wombats
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Take a closer look at Australia's best-known marsupials.

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Why does Australia have animals that are so different from others anywhere else in the world? Why do 'roos and wallabies have such big tummies? Who were the kangaroos with fangs that lived 10 million years ago?

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What's the best way to become invisible to kangaroos, at any rate? Which wallaby is a 'living fossil' - the same as the wallabies that grazed 10 million years ago?

The Secret Life of Wombats

Why do joeys eat their mother's droppings? Fnd out in this fascinating new book! PS: What do you call a kangaroo with a flower behind their ear and a big grin?

A happy hippy hoppy. The result of decades of research into who eats what in the garden and orchard, with techniques to control pests without poisoning yourself and other creatures.

Secret Life of the Wombat: Season 1

Stay in touch Subscribe to our newsletter Read our blog Become a member Come to an event. The northern hairy-nosed wombat featured on an Australian cent stamp and also an Australian five-cent stamp. Northern brushtail possum T. Reprint ed. Some moderate creases and wear.

Note: Summaries of these techniques are in the The Wilderness Garden and The Best of Jackie French; this book is aimed at those who want to know 'why', as well as 'how'. Weed control without herbicides.

Yes, of course it can be done. For an excerpt from the book, click here. Most of us don't have time to tend a garden - nurture it and coax it along. Luckily you don't have to break your back or dedicate your Sunday afternoons to be able to grow most of your own food.

The Secret World Of Wombats

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Wie Wombats kacken

Interest Free. Specifications details Binding Paperback. With his usual brilliance James Woodford, bestselling author of The Wollemi Pine , explores the wombat's bizarre evolutionary history and perilous future: a mere 65 northern hairy-nosed wombats remain in the wild.

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But this book also tells the extraordinary story of Peter Nicholson, a schoolboy from Timbertop who in the s learned more about the secret lives of these animals than anyone before him. This is popular science writing at its best: an irresistible subject in the hands of an irrepressible author.

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He has travelled to gain direct experience of all species