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. Black Party Birthday Mmm Menage Submission Leather Taboo Erotica English Edition
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They've both been working hard to be professional since they're working together, but things break down after a few drinks over dinner. NOTE: T his is a pre-edited version. Some things may change and please forgive any typos. Oh, and if you'd like to picture Ren while reading, the visual inspiration for his character is Godfrey Gao. You're welcome.

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The Blog. Happy reading! I've got a special Saturday treat for y'all. A cover reveal! And I have a sexy cover to deliver in them. Here you go! What do y'all think? It's been a little while since I've had shirtless man for you. Give me a boost or whatever. This sharp bark of a thing that echoed through the empty parking lot.

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Are you kidding? Both of his hands landed on the car behind her, caging her in and bringing his face close to hers. All she could see were those dark eyes and inhale the scent of him, spicy food and man. I asked you to dinner for selfish reasons. But once we were there and got to talking, I had a crisis of conscience.

I forced myself to play by the rules. I made myself be good. Her body going still as stone and melty as lava. Mom and I Books by M.


Submitting to him does something to me that I haven't felt in a long time. For a while, I even forget that I'm trying to get her into bed. Kelli Wolfe. What makes us brilliant? By: Robert T.

Words: 65, Published: April 19, After a tumultuous Thanksgiving that transformed his family forever, Derek is home for Christmas break. Mom and I Year's End Pt.

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Leenysman Series: Mom and I. Words: 13, Published: March 3, As the year comes to an end, one more huge surprise explodes. Shards by M. Words: 37, Language: American English. Published: January 30, During an anniversary hike at Mt. Diablo in California, Dan and Nancy see a meteor in the sky. Suddenly, it changes course, crashing immediately in front of them. They wake up in Dan's body, with Nancy in charge, and an alien presence in Nancy's body. What happens after that explores the nature of their gender and sexual identities, transforming the whole world. Words: 12, Published: January 13, XXXMastime is over.

A new year and a new home lie ahead for Derek and his Mom and the rest of his loving family. What else can happen to them before the New Year? Words: 50, Published: November 29, Derek is attracted to women who remind him of his mother, Marcy. His current girlfriend Angie is no exception. When March and Derek walk in on Angie having sex with his father, getting even with them is just the beginning of a week full of sex, secrets and swinging.

Published: November 21, It's Christmas Day. Derek wakes up to the shout of his fiancee's mother, who has just discovered both of her naked daughters in bed with him. Can even XXXmastime miracles get him out of this? Part 3 of 3 of this section of the Mom and I series.

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Words: 14, Published: September 14, Christmas Eve day starts with Derek spooned behind Angie. It ends with him spooned between Angie and her sister Pat. In between are more family revelations than you can shake a candy cane at. Catching Taboo by M. Published: July 11, Jack's sister Jan introduced him to Abby. At their wedding, Abby introduced Jan to her twin brother Dave. They married the next year. Now, Jack is a private investigator, while Jan's job is taking her out of town one week per month.

When she suspects Dave is having an affair, she asks Jack to borrow a hidden camera, to catch Dave in the act. What they catch isn't just an affair, it's taboo. Published: June 9, Derek began Thanksgiving break with a girlfriend Angie, a look-alike for his mom, Marcy. He ended it engaged to Angie, but also sexually involved with his mother, newly-identified half-sister Jessica and Jessica's mother Jilly, along with his father Stan and half-brother Tommy, who became engaged to Jessica on the same day.

Now, Derek and Tommy are back home for Christmas. Mom and I United by M. Words: 9, Published: April 9, As Derek's Thanksgiving break winds down, his family gathers at Jilly's house for its first family orgy, as his fiancee Angie's family begins to react to recent events Mom and I Swing by M. Published: March 24, Mom and I Revelations by M. Published: March 9, As Thanksgiving morning dawns, Derek and his mother Marcy awake in his bed after a night of making love, while his father Stan is visiting an old lover.

By the time the holiday is over, reunions and revelations will transform the relationships and future of a family that is much more complex than first appeared. Mom and I Just Us by M. Published: February 26, After the foursome with Derek's girlfriend and father, he and his mother Marcy get a night for themselves.

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Mom and I Get Even by M. Published: February 7, Home from college for Thanksgiving, Derek and his mother walking in on his father and girlfriend having sex is just the first in a series of discoveries, as he and Mom get even. Reunion by M.

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Words: 8, Published: December 20, Tom's first wife disappeared 16 years ago, with their two-year-old daughter Sarah. Tom's second marriage, to a woman with a son and daughter, ended two years ago. When his year-old step-daughter Karen says she wants to make love to him, he enters into a relationship with her. Then long-lost Sarah shows up Sister-Wife by M. Words: 4, Published: December 12, Josh and Meg are brother and sister, but also parents to two daughters, who catch them making love.

Walking In On Love by M. Words: 2, Published: December 4, What happens, when a husband walks in on his wife making love to another woman? Rumors by M. Words: 55, How do a brother and sister fight a rumor that they're committing incest - when they actually are?

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